Sophisticated roadside station “Kotomochi”

There is a nice roadside station in Mihama town. It was organized by local company for a long time, however it was renewal this year. It is called “Kotomochi”. The interior is modern and cool.

It has restaurant, souvenir shop, cafe and relaxing space. In the restaurant, you can have longseller menu including Katsudon or nodlle.

I ate mackerel luch plate before. mackerel is famous in Wakasa region and important food in history.

In the cafe, you can have good tea or parfait. The shop comes from Tsuruga city, that’s next city of Mihama town. I often buy drink here and work in free space. Wifi or plug is available for free and stay for a long time.

This one is my favorite one “Okocha milk” and really tasty.

You must visit here by car or bike!