Rental cycles are available for rent at 4 locations.

You can drop off the bikes at any of the 4 locations . Fees and the number of bicycles vary depending on the facility, so please check the website or call for details.

(1)Mihama station
You can enjoy the beautiful views of the sea from the train platform in Mihama station. There is also a Mihama tourist information center in the station.

【address】35-7, Matsubara,Mihama town[Map
【business hour】8:30~17:00

Located on the shores of Lake Suigetsu, Kojokan Pamco is a hotel and restaurant where you can enjoy eafood and craft beers made from plums.

【address】64-9-1, Umiyama,Wakasa town[Map
【business hour】9:00~18:00

(3)Roadside Station MIKATAGOKO
In addition to selling local products, there is also a tourist information center and a nature observation building.

【address】122-31-1, Torihama, Wakasa town[Map
【business hour】9:00~17:00

(4)Mikata station
In the Mikata Station building, there is a restaurant and a shop.

【address】39-5-2, Mikata, Wakasa town[Map
【business hour】8:30~17:00