Must-see places around Five Lakes of Mikata

Hiruga Bridge

Hiruga Bridge crosses the canal connecting Wakasa Bay and Lake Hiruga, and is a well-known landmark among cyclists. From the top of this bridge, you can see the beautiful emerald green canal and fishing boats heading out to Wakasa Bay.


River Urami

River Urami (Urami Canal) is the largest man-made water way in Mikatagoko and connects Lake Suigetsu and Lake Kugushi. About 360 years ago, the channel was constructed in order to prevent flood damage to lakeside fields after persistent rain. Construction took about 2 years with a total of 220,000 man-hours of labour.

Lake Cruises

There are also cruises around Suigetsuko and Sugako lakes, sanctuary to many wild birds. Aboard a ship with air conditioning on one level and an open-air space on the level above, this is the perfect way to connect with nature while enjoying the lake breeze.

Rainbow Line Summit Park

The Rainbow Line Summit Park is located next to the Rainbow Line, an 11-kilometer driveway that runs through the mountains around the Five Lakes of Mikata. It is the only place that offers a view of all five lakes at once. There are five unique terraces at the park, so visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery from several different outlooks. ※The road is closed to bicycles.

Varve Museum

Varve Museum exhibits the varves of Lake Suigetsu. Varves are thin layers of sediment that settles at the bottom of lakes, and the varves of Lake Suigetsu are a literal cross section of 70,000 years of natural history. By viewing the Lake Suigetsu varve displays, visitors can learn about the history of climate change, the natural environment and how varves are significant to geoscience.

Roadside Station MIKATAGOKO

Right by Lake Mikata, there is a roadside station perfect to relax and calm one’s mind, enjoying the beautiful view over the lakes and the sounds of chirping wild birds. Throughout the year, the scenery changes as the seasons transition offering different a expereince all year round. The roadside station offers locally specialities unique to the area, and visitors can stop by and look for souvenirs.


Mihama Lake Center

Mihama Lake Center offers electric boats that make use of solar energy. Since they’re not noisy, you can enjoy a sense of unity with nature. There is a café inside the lake center, and bicycles are also available for rent.
※It’s going to open in April 2023.

The House of Plums

Run by Japan Agriculture Cooperatives (JA), the center sells various plum (ume) products such as pickled plums, plum wine and plum snacks made in the factory adjacent to the shop. It also offers the free tasting of plum tea.